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At KompiTech we provide best-of-breed services to support and lift your IT department operations. As a world-class IT services provider, we understand that emerging technology and the rise of technological advancements in the workplace bring benefits, and the occasional threat, to your operational efficiency; and we are well-poised to be your partner to prevent any disruptions to the services you need available.

With over 10 years of experience as a leading and global managed IT service provider and blockchain technology provider, we employ top-class infrastructure experts to ensure that your business performs at peak levels. Our mission is to understand and successfully target your modern IT challenges with people who understand them the most - digitally-savvy and fully-qualified IT professionals.

We partner with dynamic, forward-thinking experts to evolve our clients’ expectations. Our IT professionals use cutting-edge, emerging technology, such as Blockchain, to enhance and streamline traditional IT processes, maximising operational efficiency and minimising service disruptions, giving your business a truly competitive edge. We are building a bold new future, where your business security and continuous performance remains our top priority.


Products and IT Solutions

KompiTech BLiTS is an enterprise end-to-end ITSM lifecycle management and automation application suit
built on blockchain technology, with digitalized service management which helps to ease business
operations and reduce costs of managing IT support services.

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KompiTech Blockchain Platform is a Blockchain-as-a-Service BaaS Platform designed for managing the lifecycle of enterprise
blockchain applications. KompiTech Blockchain Platform is fast, scalable highly available infrastructure platform for building
and deployment of blockchain applications.

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KompiTech provides full IT service leveraging the potentials of KompiTech BLiTS and
KompiTech Manblock, best practice industry-leading processes and best world-class
expertise, tools, automation to help strengthen and grow your business.

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